My wife and I decided that we needed a change in our home to freshen up our daily living. We decided to first tackle our kitchen since it is our most used and abused room in our house. This seemed a bit overwhelming since it was outdated, dim, and poorly laid out. We did not know where to begin. Neither of us are good at visualizing a design, and we were overcome with stress just thinking about the wide array of choices available to us in all the different remodeling stores we visited.

When we came upon New Design Inc., we pretty quickly felt that we’d found real help, a real solution, to getting our project from a mere idea into an awesome reality. We still didn’t really know what we wanted things to look like, but we knew we wanted the kitchen to be more useful, organized, brighter, and streamlined. We wanted an upgrade with utility and style. We told Richard that we will probably be difficult clients, but my wife noticed he just seemed relaxed and smiled. He was excited for the challenge. We set up a time for him to come out and look at what we were working with, and watched as he scanned the area, mapped everything out, and seemed to have all his gears turning. We all sat down for an in-depth interview where Richard basically helped us see that we actually had more direction than we thought. His questions and suggestions helped us figure out what we preferred and definitely didn’t want, and that was such an enlightening experience. He took the information we talked about and came back with a proposal.

Just a few days later, he had done a bunch of research, brainstorming, and thinking about our visions for the kitchen. My wife was sold! I loved it too. It was amazing to see all these different aspects coming together in one perfect, innovative design. From the color scheme, wall rearrangements, and improvement of the overall flow, everything just seemed right for us. Richard helped us make a couple minor tweaks to personalize it, and we approved the design, scheduled the installation, and started to really look forward to our new space.

Within 3-4 weeks, the cabinets were done, the house prepped, and the plans were laid out. Richard knows his stuff. As the design came to reality, it looked even better than it did on paper. We even recovered 10 square feet of space with smarter layouts. Now not only is our most-used room more beautiful and relaxing, it also has allowed us to host parties, reconnect with friends, and feel proud to show off our house. We highly recommend New Design Inc. Working with Richard was a pleasure, and our new kitchen even better!
– Thomas P.

I’ll tell you how important it is to know what goes into designing a kitchen or bathroom. I had such a bad experience trying to research, contact companies for cabinets, counter tops, drywall, etc. and I didn’t have much experience with renovations before this. I thought I’d go in and spearhead the project myself, but soon found I was swimming in a sea of options, without really knowing which professionals were legitimate and which were trying to take advantage of me. I went through an unfortunate experience of being sold products that were much more expensive than they could have been, but the person I’d worked with told me they were the best and I really should get them. I trusted him, but then started feeling suspicious. When I found New Design Inc., Richard and Ray told me that I didn’t need to go through half of what I did, and that they could help me salvage the situation.

I was so relieved to find them. I knew they were genuine, knowledgeable — the real deal. They showed me all of their research and explained things to me. I started to really understand the process and all of the factors that go into making smart, economical, useful design decisions. They found ways to reduce my expenses and kept me “in the know” the whole time. I quickly felt that I could trust them with the whole project. So we went back, fixed the designs that the other company prepared, and came up with a lot of new ideas that I liked so much more. I didn’t feel like I had to question them. Their friendliness and knowledgeability put me at ease and got me the results I really wanted. They know what innovative design is, and they made me comfortable with all the steps that go into kitchen design and implementation. I’d recommend New Design Inc. to any of my closest friends and family. Thanks, guys!
– Maryann S.

I planned a complete redo of my 29 year old kitchen and contacted three different companies for design and quotes beginning in January. Ray Hennig, owner of New Design, was more than accommodating with furnishing numerous drawings and quotes and ideas. We began the project in mid-June, and, although, it did not go as fast as anticipated, I was provided temporary items so that I could still have a functioning sink while waiting for countertops. All of the various craftsmen that provided service during the modernization were more than respectful and super nice individuals to work with. I would definitely hire New Design Inc again.
– Barb L.

Very pleased overall. Smooth process from start to finish. Impressed with the ideas and design presented to us. Trustworthy contractors dedicated to their work. The end result of our master bath remodel met and exceeded our expectations.
– John H.

We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family. We were so pleased with the friendly and professional manner with each and everyone with your company. We are so happy with our bathroom remodel!
– J. M. Slade

Had my granite installed by New Design and a tile backsplash. They did a great job from beginning to end. Workers were nice and very efficient. I would recommend them to everyone.
– Greg B.

My husband and I had great experience working with New Design. We loved the initial design concept of our new kitchen what was well presented in the computerized drawing. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional and accommodated all our likes and changes to the project . Through the whole process we were well informed on the work progress and any possible delays. The price was fair for the transformation we’ve received. Our kitchen turned out gorgeous!! Well done New Design!
– Alicia Osenenko