Pros and Cons of Countertops

New-Design Pros and Cons of Countertops

There are many different choices when deciding on a countertop for your kitchen or bath including laminate, solid surface, granite, and quartz to name a few. So how do you make a decision for what is best for you and your family? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.


PROS: Laminate has many options and is affordable and easy to clean. It is light so does not need a thick cabinet base for support. Laminate can be made to imitate many of the more expensive countertops making it a good choice for many.

CONS:  You cannot cut directly on laminate since it is easily scratches and can chip. Hot items should not be placed directly on the countertop as it can burn. Moisture over time sometimes will make the laminate peel. Laminate is difficult to repair once it is damaged.

Solid Surface
PROS: Solid surfacing does not require any special cleaners or sealing and burns and scratches can usually be sanded. The seams are inconspicuous. There are many options and very interesting and unique color and pattern choices. Solid surface countertops can imitate marble or concrete.

CONS: Solid surface countertops are easily damaged by heat and are susceptible to scratches, dents, and can stain.


PROS:  Granite is a natural material that can come in polished and matte finishes and when sealed can resist many stains. Each stone slab is one of a kind giving a unique look. Granite comes in many patterns and colors. It is heat resistant and is not easily scratched.

CONS:  Granite can chip and needs resealing to avoid stains. Granite is very heavy and needs cabinets underneath that can support its weight. Granite is more costly than some other choices.


PROS:  Quartz is very durable and requires no maintenance while still providing a similar look to granite. Quartz is available in far more patterns and colors than natural stone.

CONS: Quartz does not have natural variegation like granite. Quartz is costly.
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